Oscar Gonzalez’s Many Hats | Full Stack & Sales

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Meet Oscar Gonzalez. He just finished the General Assembly Web Development Immersive course and wears a lot of hats: he’s creative, has a background in business development, and has already created plenty of nifty projects to showcase his blossoming technical skill set. He hopes to soon add even more hats by working in startups. Check out what he’s been up to and keep him in mind if you’re in need of local tech talent.

What past tech projects have you worked on?
I have worked in 6 projects including 2 hackathons. Here are the most recent:

Yolko: All presentations and lectures are a one-directional interaction. I wanted to change that so that the presenter and audience could provide feedback in realtime based on the subject being presented. So, I created Yolko. Yolko is a real time application using AngularJS and Firebase that displays the mood at a presentation or lecture in a fun and interactive way.

Staff Hacker: I worked on a team of four to create Staff Hacker, a recruiter rating platform for hiring managers. The application allows you to search for recruiters by name or the company they work for and once you find the recruiter you are looking for, it lets you see his/her rating and provide your experience if you have worked with the recruiter before.

What are your best technical or creative skills?
I am very creative, so Front-End Development is where I excel the most (Javascript, AngularJS, etc). My background is business development and sales, so being able to create amazing web experience while leveraging business needs is slowly becoming not only a passion but also an obsession.

What’s next on your list to learn?
Short term, I am venturing into hybrid mobile app development by learning how to implement Ionic and PhoneGap to one of my Web Apps. Long term, I really want to focus my attention on Front-End Development and UX methodologies learning as much as I can in those areas.

What’s your ideal internship/job?
I would really like to work for a startup or a place that can challenge me and give me the opportunity to keep learning and growing. Preferably, a place that works with AngularJS or is heavy on Front-End Development.

Interested in startups?
Very! I love the startup scene because is challenging, competitive and if you are part of one, you have a chance of making a big impact in its growth; something more rewarding than a salary in my opinion. Also, you end up wearing lots of hats; something I am not only familiar with but also do really well.

Post graduation plans?
Most importantly, keep learning. I am currently scouting places I would like to work. I plan to keep myself pretty busy with interviews, networking, learning, and working on side projects. I am working with some friends on two projects that I would like to finish soon.