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Oliver Lai | DigitalCrafts Student Scales Way to Coding Career

by Kristyn Back

chinaOliver Lai is an Emory grad who recently made the switch from sociology to study full-stack web development at DigitalCrafts. When Lai isn’t brushing up on his portfolio, you can find him reading the latest tech news or scaling his way to victory (or the Great Wall). He’s looking to transform his skills in a company that puts the “t” in teamwork, so snag him while you can.

What program are you currently enrolled in?
I am currently enrolled in the 16 Week Full-stack Web Immersive Bootcamp and iOS Mobile App Development Elective at DigitalCrafts.

What is your previous education?
I graduated from Emory University in 2014 with a degree in Sociology and Economics.

What was your work experience before aspiring to become a web developer?
Prior to attending DigitalCrafts, I worked full time in digital marketing as an optimization analyst. My responsibilities included landing page optimization, quantitative analysis of A/B and multivariate tests, as well as strategizing web pages for maximum conversion rates (ratio of sales/visitors).

What are your best technical or creative skills?
I believe my quantitative background in digital marketing allows me to approach problems with a logical and methodological perspective. As a web and app developer, possessing this perspective proves invaluable to me in swiftly mapping out the pseudocode in my head with a clear and focused mindset. As far as creative skills, I retain a minimalistic and efficient layout to maximize user experience.

What technology and tools are essential to you as a developer?
As a developer, I utilize an array of technologies and tools to accomplish tasks in a timely and efficient manner. These technologies and tools range from coding forums to more specific development frameworks and bundles like Bootstrap and the MEAN stack.

How do you stay informed & on top of emerging trends?
I try to keep up with Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and CNN, particularly their technology sections. I also read up on Wired and TechCrunch for emerging trends in technology.

After DigitalCrafts, what’s next on your list to learn?
On top of solidifying the foundations of programming and web/app development, I would like to dig deeper into machine learning, algorithms, data mining, as well as game development.

Are you interested in working for a startup, agency, mid-sized company, or a corporate giant?
I see myself malleable in different work environments. As a result, I don’t have a preference as long as I am on a team with great mentorship, training, and growth opportunity.

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