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Available Talent | Michael Amato Has Built A Snow Solution

by Klaire Wesolowski

Meet Michael Amato. He’s developed projects for movie lovers and devoted skiers, and is looking for new projects. Best of all he’s a recent graduate of General Assembly. Keep him in mind when searching for some local tech talent.


What projects have you worked on during the course?
I worked on three projects over the course. The first was purely in ruby on rails and was a streamlined movie blog. The second was a group project- my team built an event finding app that links to Google calendars. It was done in AngularJs and Rails. The third project was also done in AngularJs and Rails and collected snowfall information for a given location to aid skiers and snowboarders.

What are your best technical and/or creative skills?
Back-end data manipulation and coding.

What’s next on your list to learn?
Better website design and overall implementation.

What’s your ideal internship/job?
For just having finished the course I would like to expand my experience and knowledge under a more experienced developer. Further down the line I would like to do more freelance jobs.

Interested in startups?
Yes, being involved in the creation of an app or similar product would be an awesome experience. It would also be very insightful for how apps are developed.

Post graduation plans?
Job hunting is pretty much on top of the stack. I might have a freelance offer for a simple website that a client from my computer repair days wants me to do, but it won’t take long to do. Until I get a full-time job I will pretty much be tinkering with class projects, keeping the languages fresh and trying out new things!

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