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Meetups: They Work!

by hypepotamus

I’m sitting here in the back on a typical Tuesday night here at Hype and I’m kindly and quickly reminded how important it is for all of us, personally and professionally, to be networking with other like-minded people.

At this particular event (The iOS Meetup Group) is one of the many that Hype offers to host for the local community and it is one of the best things that they do; I mean, could anything be better than offering an environment and culture that facilitates the connection between talented professionals?

This is just a quick and simple reminder that you and I need to build community wherever we are and that finding space and time in our calendar to get out of our comfort zones is not just an important thing for us but it’s also a responsibility to others.

There are tons of people who need your advice and counsel and who may provide some exciting opportunities for you this year in return. Many meetups set aside a few minutes to announce job openings and allow job seekers to share what they are looking for.  Utilize this to grow your business or your resume.

I love Meetup.com. Make sure you get involved and get plugged-in! Heck, I even hosted one of my new Meetup groups @ Hype just the other day! Love the people. Love this community!

Meetups, they work.


[Photo Credit: Saddington]

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