Meet the Winner… 2014 Cardlytics Iron Coder

On Saturday September 27th Cardlytics hosted the 3rd “Iron Coder Software Engineering Competition” at Georgia Tech. Cardlytics created this software engineering competition to reward technology students and help identify talent for their open technology and engineering positions based here in Atlanta. Participants had three hours to solve a series of complex programming challenges. Winners get cash prizes (up to $2,000) and a guaranteed job interview with Cardlytics. The hack is open to competitors from Georgia Tech, Georgia State, University of West Georgia, Emory University, Kennesaw State, Southern Poly, and UGA.

As Cardlytics grows our team here in Atlanta, it’s vital to add the right people with the right skills. Georgia Tech and other local area universities have great computer science programs and talent. Students who graduate from these schools are prepared to hit the ground running at Cardlytics from day one. This is our third IronCoder challenge and it has proven to be a fantastic talent outreach and recruiting tool. It’s also a great way for us to find and keep top tech talent in Atlanta. –Michael Lapid, VP of Application Development at Cardlytics 

Meet the hackathon winner, Zhiyuan Lin, to hear a bit of his story.

Georgia Tech Class of 2016 (but now I expect to graduate in Dec 2015)

Computer Science

What are you currently working on outside of class?
I am an undergraduate research student working with Prof. Polo Chau at the intersection of HCI and Data Mining. I’ve already had 8 publications at various venues. I am also one of the organizers at HackGT, which recently took place and was a great success. Other activities can be viewed here.

What past projects have you worked on?
Check out this list of several different projects.

What are you best technical or creative skills?

  • Programming Languages: Java JavaScript PHP C C++ Python SQL Pascal
  • Web Development: HTML CSS SASS PHP Vanilla.js Bootstrap JQuery Node.js Express.js Dust.js D3.js Mocha Grunt
  • Systems and tools: Git Subversion LaTeX Eclipse Vi/Vim Android SDK MySQL SQLite Microsoft Windows Mac OS X Linux
  • Software: Mircosoft Office Photoshop Illustrator Corel Video Studio
  • Languages: Mandarin Chinese English Elementary Japanese
  • Other: Accordion Badminton Simple Object Sketch

What’s next on your list to learn?
Besides enhancing my technical skills, I’d like to look at problems in the real world from a designer and a entrepreneur’s perspective.

 Interested in becoming part of the Cardlytics team? They currently have openings for Software Engineers, Project Managers, Analysts, Developers and more.

[Photo Credit: Cardlytics]