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Meet Richard Zapata | He Wants to Create Data Warehouse/Biz Intelligence Tools

by Ryan Waller

Tech Talent South is a tech company dedicated to cultivating digital programming, web development, and coding talent throughout the Southeast. Their 8-week intensive bootcamps aim to prepare students for a career in web development and empower aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills they need to launch a web-based businesses.

Meet one of their recent graduates, Richard Zapata, to hear about what he’s looking to do next.

What program did you just complete?
The Tech Talent South Ruby on Rails part-time program

What past tech projects have you worked on?
I started playing around with PHP years ago when I worked in a consulting firm, and one of the projects required PHP knowledge. I continued developing in PHP for work and personal projects, but later abandoned it to focus more on Oracle for the bulk of my career. Today I work for a company that uses Ruby on Rails for a front-end product, but I work in the Business Intelligence group (doing Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL work). I work a little with Ruby scripts for ETL, but I’d much rather work on the Rails side. I also started a personal side project to practice, and have a focus for learning Rails.

What are your best technical or creative skills?
My best technical skills revolve around data. I love data only because I love extracting useful information from that data. So much so, that I built my own personal dashboards for things like finances, expenses and savings. I enjoy being creative in designing visualizations. I love concise visualizations where a lot of information is displayed in a package that can be interpreted with a simple glance.

What’s next on your list to learn?
Rails. Rails. Rails. As I saw at my previous job, there is a lot to learn with Rails. And of course, Ruby (by association).

What’s your ideal internship/job?
One where I can create Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence tools (ETL scripts, Visualizations, Dashboards, user-facing tools, etc) using Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

Interested in startups?
Yes. Very much so. My previous employer was a startup and it was very rewarding experience (one of the best of my career). We were eventually absorbed into another company, and ​we became a new product ​offering ​for that company. It lost the startup feel since the new company is much larger. I would love to re-live that startup feel and work ethos.

Post graduation plans?
Continue working at my current job (not Rails related), and continue working on my side projects (built using Rails) to hone my skills until that Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence using Rails job pops up.

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