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Meet Brad Murphy | Available Jr Interactive Developer

by Jasmine Jacobs

Creative Circus has been known to pump out some brilliant talent, and Brad Murphy is no exception. We caught up with Murphy to find out what he’s up to and where he’s headed.

FYI- He’ll be looking for work soon!

What program did you just finish at the Creative Circus?
The Interactive Development Program.

What are you currently working on? 
I’m currently working on a few freelance sites and a current Circus student’s portfolio.

What past projects have you worked on? 
My most recent projects include Descent 7 which is a game I built with a great team in Unity, the official website for Artifact Design and a complete rebranding digital experience for Russell Stover.  I was the developer on all three pieces.

What are your best technical or creative skills? 
My niche would have to be CSS3.

What’s next on your list to learn? 
I’d like to get into AngularJS and Laravel a bit more than I already have.

Are you interested in startups? 

What’s your ideal internship/job?
My ideal job would be a Junior Front – End Developer position with a great Development team where I can learn and grow.

Post graduation plans?
Vegas.  Then I gotta get a job.

[Photo Credit: Murphy]

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