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City Legislative Assistant Turned Coder – Fast Learner Looking for Work

by Ryan Waller

Tech Talent South is a tech company dedicated to cultivating digital programming, web development, and coding talent throughout the Southeast. Their 8-week intensive bootcamps aim to prepare students for a career in web development and empower aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills they need to launch web-based businesses.

Meet one of their recent graduates, Bryce Hammond, and find out what he is looking to do next.


What program did you just complete?
I just finished the Tech Talent South full time code immersion program. It was an awesome experience.

What past tech projects have you worked on?
Thanks to the program I have worked on projects involving HTML5, and CSS to create webpages. I also learned Ruby, Rails, Jquery, and some javascript for creating web applications. This has allowed me to create everything from blogs to web apps with user/admin authentication. As I type this I’m currently working on an app to remind me to change my cats litter box, this was a joke suggestion from a guest speaker but it struck close to home.

What are your best technical or creative skills?
When thrown into the technical unknown, I can learn and adapt quickly. Before attending Tech Talent South I worked in a dual capacity for the Atlanta City Council. I was a legislative assistant, as well as the assistant IT manager. While there I worked on everything from networking to maintaining the council website. At the time I had very little knowledge of web design. That experience taught me how to learn and adapt quickly in order to solve a problem. During the TTS program I was faced with many challenges but my ability to learn and adapt at a fast pace always helped me to complete my assignments.

What’s next on your list to learn?
Along with furthering my Ruby, and javascript skills, I would like to learn Objective C.

What’s your ideal internship/job?
My ideal internship/job would be one where I can continue to hone my knowledge of Ruby and HTML, while learning other languages. I would love to work for a start up or a dev shop that is as interested in developing quality employees as they are quality applications.

Interested in startups?
I am definitely interested in startups. When working with a startup you get to be a part of the development process of what could possibly be something life changing.

Post graduation plans?
My post graduation plans are very simple, continue to design apps, further my knowledge base, and look for an internship/job.

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