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Meet Arthur Spalding | A Local Aid For Medical Device Companies

by Raven Davis

Atlanta’s medical device industry is never short of innovative ideas, but to succeed companies also need sufficient funding, strategy, and industry connections. TAMM Net, established in 2009 by Arthur Spalding, is a resource that specifically caters to those needs. The consulting firm conducts clinical trials, negotiates regulatory applications with the FDA, gains reimbursements, and helps companies to maximize their sales in the federal market.

We caught up with Arthur to get more information on TAMM Net and see what resources in particular they provide to startups.

Year/Date Founded:

Number of Employees:

Arthur Spalding- Over 20 years of experience in education, specialty contracting, trade, sales, reimbursement, training, management, marketing, and market research in medical devices and pharmaceuticals. He has previously worked with Peer•Point Medical Education Institute, Colombia Laboratories and Solvay Pharmaceuticals.


His specialties include:
– Reimbursement / Managed Markets including insurers, government and hospitals
– Trade, Specialty Trade and Pharmacies
– Negotiation and Contracting
– Analysis and modeling business scenarios

The Pitch:
TAMM Net helps biomedical companies access opportunities and overcome obstacles presented by the  federal government.  We are consultants with at least 20 years’ successful experience in our fields.  We specialize in several areas which include: Regulatory affairs, reimbursement, structured proposal development for federal contracts, and developing federal markets.

How does ATL weave into your story?
We are based in East Cobb.  When I moved here I saw the growing medical device industry and realized that reimbursement would play a larger and larger role in the commercialization of these products.  That observation led me to found TAMM Net and begin consulting with many ATL start-ups and established companies.  We now work with companies across the globe, but focus on the research conducted right here in Atlanta.

What services do you offer?
Consulting in regulatory, reimbursement, federal market development, and research and development using federal resources.

Link to work examples/portfolio:

In what ways does your consultancy cater to startups?
We offer free basic consulting and mentor many companies.  We also present and work with teams and companies at TI:GER, NeuroLaunch, ATDC, and numerous labs in Atlanta.

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