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FL Sophomore | Ripe for the Peach State

by Klaire Wesolowski

We recently scouted out a college Sophomore from the University of Florida. Robert Olsthoorn is majoring in Computer Engineering with a minor in Physics, and he already has a ton of projects under his belt. Prepare to poach him from the orange groves and bring him to the peach state.

What cool tech projects are you currently working on?
Right now, I am working on a site called BarterTown which is a local trading platform which allows users to barter services and products with each other. I am also working on creating a UF version of Glassdoor which allows you to connect to past interns or alumni based on company.

What startup/tech projects have you previously worked on?
I have worked in a startup Urban Darling, in Boca Raton, where I was a web development intern. I have worked on CheapSleep, an app which donates to a charity every time you hit snooze, at HackStart, a hackathon, in ATL. I also worked on UselessFacts! a text bot which sends useless facts to the number specified.

What tech/tools are essential to you?
Sublime, ChromeDevTools, terminal, and plenty of food are essential to me.

What are your best technical or creative skills?
Being able to take an idea and get it started and work along with people who have a similar drive. Best technical skills go to working with Meteor and learning new things on the fly. Creativity wise, I like to create new things and take unconventional ideas, try them, and reflect on the result.

What’s next on your list to learn?
Next on my list to learn is a bit of a data science with python and R.

Why the interest in startups and the technology field?
My main interest in startups and technology in general because it is so fast paced and it takes very little capital in order to take an idea and put it on to paper and make a real impact in other people’s lives. I have to use problem-solving skills and enjoy that I am challenged with work.

Interested in working for a startup, mid-sized company, or a corporate giant?
I am definitely interested in a startup or a tech corporate giant.

When are you available?
I am available for next summer and possibly for fall of 2016.

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