Kyle Porter on the Importance of Cadence

He started selling used GI Joes out of his dad’s ‘hand me down’ briefcase and now Kyle Porter (@kyleporter) is running SalesLoft, one of the TAG’s top 10 most innovative companies in Georgia with over 3,000 users. SalesLoft is a sales information automation software, whose mission “is to enhance business revenue by providing sales professionals with a real-time stream of news information and triggers on their target customers and prospects.”

After graduating from Georgia Tech, Kyle joined a boutique consulting company in ATDC. Next, he spent time selling enterprise software and started his own video game and advertising company, and then in 2010 he joined NanoLumens and became vice president of marketing.

In this video, Kyle Porter shares with you how he has built a rhythm and cadence into his business by using: one page strategic plans, a monthly metrics dashboard, 10 minute morning team meetings, and weekly development and marketing sprints. 

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