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Award-Winning PR Pro Helps Startups Tell Their Stories

by Kristyn Back

It’s only been four short months since Katherine Mason launched her entrepreneurial endeavor, InFlection Point Communications, but she’s already been serving as the preferred vendor for communications strategy at TechSquare Labs. While she may be new to the startup scene, her award-winning PR/marketing chops and magna cum laude accolade from Florida State University give her the panache to offer up brand building, communications planning, and reputation management on a silver platter. Hear how Mason helps entrepreneurs tell their startup story.

The Pitch:

InFlection Point Communications, LLC is the start of your company’s inflection point. We’re a full-service, communications consulting company that specializes in brand building, reputation management, and communications planning. We work with entrepreneurs and companies throughout the greater Atlanta-area to grow brands and business – inspiring interest, engagement, action, and results.

What problem are you solving? 

I have a passion for entrepreneurs and growing brands. There’s an unmet need for these budding businesses. Many times, they are the companies that need the most PR/marketing support to get the word out, drive awareness and generate engagement; but, often, they lack the greater funds to work with an agency. As a former agency girl myself, I’ve worked with the big brands; now, I want to help the businesses who are early on in their company’s journey. I want to give them access to senior, strategic communications counsel at a more affordable rate.

Every brand has a story. And, I want to help them share it. In this story lies a brand’s unique potential to connect with their consumers and discover their inflection point for future growth!

katherine-mason mason-katherineDescribe the Market/Industry Impact:

Historically (before founding InFlection Point Communications, LLC), I have earned nine industry awards for the strategic planning and results of PR/marketing efforts I’ve conducted on behalf of numerous past clients. With a proven track record for generating impactful growth and results for a variety of brands from tech to consumer to B-to-B, I know I have a lot to offer growing businesses and startups. This is exactly why I named my company what I did, I wanted my clients to have confidence in the growth they will achieve in working with me!

Revenue Model:

I work on a project or monthly retainer basis and charge consulting fees commensurate to the PR/marketing support a client may need, as well as the unique credentials and experience I have to offer.

How’d you get the idea for it?

I believe if you follow your passions and work with honesty, integrity and heart, the rest will follow. I became an independent consultant because I saw a need and I knew I could be a part of the solution!

Why are you excited to help entrepreneurs and startups?

There are hundreds of startups popping up around town between TechSquare Labs, Atlanta Tech Village and Switchyards (among others) and all of the companies have a story to tell; a product, service or app to share; and, a brand experience to be had by their potential customers. I want to be the guide on their journey and growth to becoming the next big brand!

Who are your competitors and how do you stand out?

As an independent consultant, I don’t like to think of anyone as a competitor because I believe there is enough business to go around! There are so many companies – especially growing small businesses – that need PR/marketing support. However, I do believe there is a distinct difference I can offer my clients. As I mentioned, I have a track record for generating award-winning, impactful results. I’m a true communications strategist and practice proper PR/marketing planning through InFlection Point Communications’ Four-Step


  1. Insights (aka the research),
  2. Intel (using that information to build an informed strategic plan),
  3. Influence (connecting a brand to their audiences through influential messages, strategies and tactics),
  4. And, Inspire (inspiring those audiences to then become aware, change a behavior/attitude, and/or take action!

I’m also backed by the competitive Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) credential only held by roughly 4,000 PR professionals nationwide. And, I also sit as the youngest member on the Universal Accreditation Board (UAB) that oversees the Accreditation program and credential.

What does this mean to a tech startup?

It means they can have confidence in my experience and ethics. I don’t just say I’m an effective and ethical communications consultant, I also have the ability to back that statement up.

How does Atlanta weave into your story?

Atlanta is my home! Though I’m a Florida-native, I moved to Atlanta in 2008 and the city welcomed me with open arms. I believe Atlanta has so much to offer entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners. And, now that I’m an entrepreneur myself, I couldn’t be more elated to work with such inspiring innovative and tech-savvy professionals!

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