J. Cornelius’ Bag of Tricks

Tools of the Trade is a weekly feature in which people reveal the top secret contents of their messenger bags, apps they use everyday, and/or their workstations.

J. Cornelius (@jc) has been making websites and software for the web since 1996. He is the founder of Nine Labs, an experience and strategy consultancy, President of the Atlanta Web Design Group (AWDG), creator of Web Afternoon, a mentor at the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at Georgia Tech, and serves on the advisory board at The Creative Circus. His earlier years were full of playing music and working with bands as a drummer and sound guy. At one point, he ‘ran sound’ for some rock-and-roll bands by way of a company he founded called 12tone Audio. Rock on J.!

See what this Renaissance man keeps in his bag and on his phone. 

j stuff

In His Bag (Moving Clockwise from Top Left):

  • Pen – Swag from Adobe
  • Checkbook – It holds checks from four different accounts
  • iPad mini
  • Post-Its– Uses for instant old school visuals in client meetings. Recently, J. was working with a retail space on creating a customer experience and used post-its to work through the physical arrangements.
  • Kindle Paperwhite – He is currently reading the Art of Wordly Wisdom, and recently finished Economics in one Lesson and Thinking Fast and Slow
  • Apple Adapters – For MacBook presentations, USB ethernet, IPad to VGA, Mac to HTMI
  • Audio Output
  • Presenter Remote
  • Screen Cleaner
  • Spare House Key
  • Field Notes – J. uses this for anything he has to capture quickly in meetings. He has a background in drawing and architecture and also sketches.
  • MacBook Air – “The heart and soul of my business and everything that I do.”
  • iPhone 5
  • Apple Charger

Three Most Used Apps: Aside from Email, Phone, and Messages (duh), Dropbox, Fantastical, and Tweetbot.

Bonus Screen Shot of His Phone:

photo (2)

[Photo Credit: Detrick/Hypepotaus]