Jocelyne Williams on Motivating Millennials Toward Leadership

As a senior business analyst and upcoming panelist of Innovative Leadership at General Assembly, Jocelyne Williams thrives in connecting developers and business users in perfect harmony. A mover and shaker for female empowerment, diversity, and inclusion, Williams is setting the standard of a motivating millennial trailblazer.

We recently caught up with Williams to uncover her current passions and why she decided to host a course encouraging emerging leaders in the working world.

What’s your current role?
Senior Business Analyst, PMP for Scientific Games in the Lottery product management division. Content development for corporate diversity & inclusion initiatives, millennial leadership, and women & leadership.

What startup/tech projects have you worked on?
Black Women In STEAM non-profit startup, internet lottery software platform development, lottery product development best practices & software tool implementation, BLE beacon mobile research & development

What tech/tools are essential to you?
Jira, (SDLC management tools) Trello, Uber & Uber eats, Google Alerts, Tech blogs like Hypepotamus and Engadget. Mobile apps in general like Parkmobile, and Pandora for everyday life at my fingertips.

How do you stay informed & on top of emerging trends?
Google Alerts with topics of interest, workshops, and conferences such as Collision Tech, and General Assembly workshops, meetups, and the ilab innovation group at Scientific Games.

What are your best technical or creative skills?
I am very detailed and understand the language of both software engineers and the business user, so I can translate the best product solution while managing expectations. I am very good at learning a framework and leveraging that knowledge in other areas of concentration, as I did with my innovative leadership framework.

Tell us about your Innovative Leadership course: Why did you decide to create it and what do you hope to accomplish?
I decided to create this course because I had been learning a lot about a structured approach to development of products and processes through my certifications in product and project management. I realized with the millennial age range, sometimes we have a ton of energy and passion, but don’t always do the best job of focusing the energy and putting a structure around our ideas.

I’ve learned a couple tips along the way that I want to share, and I have a couple savvy leaders in my circle who also have a wealth of knowledge in this area. I want to help other thought leaders articulate and execute on their goals and passions using some innovative concepts and tools to get there!

What’s next on your list to learn?
Next on my list to learn is the diversity & inclusion framework and best practices to apply across the technology ecosystem to enrich innovation.

Why the interest in startups and the technology field?
I realized that technology is the future and I’m a vision architect of the future, so what better way to shape it, then learn about and be involved in the technology industry.

Interested in working for a startup, mid-sized company, or a corporate giant? 
I’m interested in executing visions that are bigger than myself, and following my passion, regardless of the size of the company.

To sign up for the Innovative Leadership: Designing Tomorrow workshop at General Assembly here