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Jane Misra Takes on the Ritz Group

by Klaire Wesolowski

Jane Misra is the new operations head honcho of the Ritz Group, a local networking group that aims to connect entrepreneurs and investors. She has big plans for the future of the Ritz group and we’re excited to see how they grow under her wing this year. Learn more about Jane below & be sure to welcome her to the tech/startup community.

Any other tech/startup related work?
Yes, I created and ran the customer service department at Benjamin Studios and I also worked for Quickparts in addition to the two companies I have started. I currently am the Founder & CEO of Jane Misra Inc., where I focus on operations and business growth strategy.

Why the interest in early stage funding?
Because I know firsthand and through the experiences of my clients by the time they get to me that in some cases bootstrapping can only take you so far and with the right tools, resources, and support including funding entrepreneurs and companies can achieve amazing things.

What are your big plans for your new role?
We have plans to enhance the focus on the industry sectors we serve, we also want to expand our educational offerings to entrepreneurs as well as improve the connectivity between Atlanta businesses and the success resources they need and finally we want to do more around innovation in the corporate space.

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