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Freedom as told by Genius Corps Founder

by Kjersti Lukens


Spring semester is in full swing and so is the Impact Speaker Series, presented by Georgia Tech Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship. This week, they hosted Farug Hunter. When he isn’t working on the first “off the grid” village in Georgia, Faruq is building his company GenuisCo and Genius Corps. Genius Corps is a organization that seeks to support the holistic lifestyle of innovators.

A recap of his talk 

The Path of Freedom: what we are supposed to “do” to get our slice of the wealth pie to live the life we choose.
To many this means: Birth- education- college- career-retirement: but is it the ultimate path?

When you liquidate the GDP of every single country in the world there is $210 trillion of combined wealth globally. However, 10% of the population has 86% of the wealth and 90% of the population have 14% of wealth= about 4,248 per person.

So He imparted what he found to be the “3 Principles of Freedom”:

1: Free Yourself from Dependency on Others:

  • Essential needs like air, food and shelter need to be met before you get to core needs like your education and career.
  • All of these needs are developed in the internal environment: the area you control.
  • However, many times we negotiate these needs in our internal environment with the outside world and people outside our internal environment.

2. Create Dependency to insure your Independence:

  • Reverse the cycle and make the world dependent on you.
  • Creating dependency = creating value.

3. Protect your Freedom:

  • Have to commit to yourself and helping the outside world and that takes dedication.

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