New Year Welcomes New Era, New Editor-in-Chief of Hypepotamus

Holly Beilin

Hypepotamus has evolved from a gathering space for entrepreneurs in the basement of the Biltmore to a tech publication that weekly hits more inboxes than students currently enrolled at Georgia Tech. That’s startup life. You pivot, streamline, and expand. And with the passing of time, comes new leadership and direction. This is why we are exceedingly happy to welcome Holly Beilin as our new Editor-in-Chief.

Beilin has spent the last two years at one of Atlanta’s (daresay, the country’s) most-esteemed health tech companies, Sharecare. As its Manager of Social Content and Brand Communications, she helped craft the messaging of Sharecare and its many recent acquisitions. Prior to this role, she utilized her communication skills at the Renaissance Computing Institute, the White House, and the U.S. Senate.

Hype’s new boss embodies the dynamic, millennial talent that Atlanta aims to attract. Since moving to the city, Beilin has established an active presence in the tech community. She is a member of both the ATLeaders, the Metro Atlanta Chamber’s first council comprised of young professionals under 40, as well as the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). The latter of which recently named her a finalist for Top Newcomer of its OneInAMillenial Award.

With enthusiasm, please meet Editor-in-Chief Holly Beilin:

What was your previous role?

Before taking the helm at Hype, I worked in PR and marketing at an Atlanta-based digital health company. I was there through an exciting growth period involving two app launches and four acquisitions, which took the company from a national to international operation, quadrupling in size. I served at the intersection of the content, PR, and marketing teams managing consumer-facing digital and social communications campaigns. Prior to this I was based in the Research Triangle Park area, working in communications for a technology research organization that brought together the three major academic institutions in the region. From big data management to genetic sequencing software to smart cities infrastructure, I cut my teeth translating some of the most progressive technological research coming out of the institute into content for the public. It was there that I first realized the power — and the need — of telling a good story.

I gained public sector experience as an intern and fellow in the Senate and the White House. I conducted research at University of North Carolina’s Global Research Institute, served three years as a columnist at a daily newspaper, and, as you may have guessed, am a proud Tar Heel.

Throughout my career, I’ve been exposed to some brilliant minds and incredible innovation. Hype is the next step in the evolution of my ultimate goal: to use communication as a means of connecting those who are asking questions with those who may be able to provide answers.

Why Atlanta?

I’ve lived up and down the East Coast. For the last six years I’ve made my home in the South it’s an amazing place! From our academic institutions to our startup and entrepreneurial community to our progressive political and business leaders, the south is truly making waves — in some ways, more so even than the traditional “innovation hubs”. 

As soon as I came here, I felt the throbbing energy of Atlanta. We are a rapidly-changing city: you see it as you walk the BeltLine, get coffee (and a dose of inspiration) at one of the many co-working spaces or incubators, or even attend one of our countless music or sports events. Atlanta is striving we don’t take anything for granted, and we’re hungry for success.

What startup/tech/creative projects have you worked on?

One of my favorite things about the tech and startup community is how open everyone is to new contributions. I’ve been incredibly lucky to work with people that have responded with “Sure!” to my “Can I jump in and help?” I was the lead author on a series of white papers about environmentally-friendly water infrastructure. I served on an interdisciplinary team to redesign and launch a new website for an established organization. I have ghost written for some pretty astounding thought leaders across the technology, business, academic, and political fields. Somehow, it all comes back to doing whatever it takes, across any medium print or digital, to tell a story.

What’s next on your list to learn?

As someone who thinks creatively but isn’t an official “creative”, I would love to find the time to develop my visual communication skills: photography and videography. I am astounded by the amount of information a good photo can convey. And it’s fascinating to watch how the biggest storytelling platforms — news organizations and social networks — are exploring new visual formats like VR and 360° video. This is truly the next stage of journalism.

What are you doing when you’re off the clock?

Though I wouldn’t exactly call myself a traditional 9-to-5-er, if I’m not working it’s likely you’ll find me spending time with my highly adorable and energetic dog, running or hiking on one of Atlanta’s gorgeous trails, or doing those activities simultaneously. Aside from the opportunity and community here, Atlanta stole my heart as the “city in a forest”— did you know we have the most urban tree canopy of any city in the U.S.? I also do a lot of yoga, explore a lot of coffee shops, and, shocker, love to read.

What most excites you about your new position as Hype’s Editor?

In her introductory note, former Editor-in-Chief Kiki Roeder described how Hype is a pulpit. Though this is incredibly exciting, it’s also a weighty responsibility. Hype is about nurturing and supporting something so much bigger than anything I could create on my own. In taking on this role, I am pledging to scrupulously, intelligently, and eagerly sing the praises of the southern startup community. 

What an honor. I can’t wait!

How can folks get in touch with you?

Email is a great start! Please do send updates on your new endeavor, latest product, or upcoming event to You can follow me on Twitter @hollybeilin (and I hope you’re following us at @hypepotamus) or connect with me on LinkedIn. And I’m friendly! I’d love to hear your story over a strong coffee or a glass of wine (depending on the time of day). Hype is for the community, so tell me: What do you want to know, and how can I help?

Video by Kiki Roeder