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Website Dev & Sci-Fi Fanatic Looking for Startup Internship

by Klaire Wesolowski

Travis Gasque, class of 2016, is a Digital Media major at Georgia Tech who spends his time teaching, scaring, storytelling, and discussing the latest in science fiction. With his diverse background, he’s sure to bring a fresh breath of creative talent to the local startup scene. Don’t let his laundry list of current projects scare you; he’s available to start right away, so be sure to snag him while you can! Check out his profile below.

Current Projects:
Currently the majority of my time is split between building a Tangible Teaching Computing Table, my master project, a Tabletop RPG podcast, a Science Fiction Research Radio show, and work with Georgia Tech developing websites for Faculty.

The Table uses a reactivision based vision system to try and teach middle and high school students how to code. The ultimate goal would be for the table to be mobile enough to be a rotating installation shared and taught by the Georgia public school system.

My masters project is a Narrative System which hopes to combine biofeedback, group storytelling, and horror. Right now its pretty much designs and sketches, so I can’t really go into too much detail.

The Podcast is a bi-weekly Skype RPG podcast where a group of people and I play Tabletop RPGs. Currently I edit content for the podcast, play in a few of the main campaigns, and run a campaign for the Patron for the Podcasts Patreon Group.

The Radioshow is a weekly radio show that I co-host and co-produce. Every week we discuss the latest in science fiction and how it relates to the current news and media of the day and how it might affect our future.

Past Projects:
Some of my past projects include a Vertical Wind Turbine I designed. This baby was designed to act as a supplemental source of power for the Georgia Coast and other slow wind speed areas. I’ve also done some R&D and Product Development, but I’m under an NDA about it so I can’t really go into much details. Lets just say it involved medical devices and bacon.

Best Technical/Creative Skill:
Rapid Prototyping and Idea/Content Creation, give me a idea and a project and I can bang out a few prototypes and possible routes to go in a few minutes.

Next to Learn:
Virtual Reality Programming. I’ve seen a few VR apps on campus and when next I’m not busy I think I’m going to pick those up and figure out how they work and how to make my own.

Why Startups?
The small company size plus the ability for the company to jump into strange and exotic company products and designs. I’ve worked for large companies, temp agencies, and small startups. The startups were the only companies I worked with that were both fun and allowed me to do crazy, fun projects.

Ideal Internship:
An internship where I am tasked to create products to be used in an alternate reality game for users to explore. An internship where I can create scary stories to scare people, like I do on the podcast. Or an internship where I can work with biofeedback controls and sensors.

[Photo Credit: Jeremiah Ojo]

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