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What is Growth Hacking?

by Roger Lopez

What is Growth Hacking

The term growth hacking describes a data driven test and measure

approach to reaching, converting and retaining customers on a scalable



Growth hacking is about the creative use of scalable and repeatable

methods with the goal to optimize every digital touchpoint in order

to get prospective customers to take action.


The term does not describe one specific method, but is rather a

philosphy, an approach at the intersection of marketing tactics and

product development, inspired by analytics and data – constantly

testing, measuring and refining.




“The principal objective of growth hacking is to create a user

acquisition coefficient that is higher than one. For example,

a company should aim to have more people using their product

over time than it loses from attrition. By experimenting with

different growth hacking methods, companies can determine

the optimal means to increase that coefficient dramatically.”

– Andy Johns ( Former PM of Growth at Facebook)



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