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Sunny Lee | Design Whiz Looks to Hone Web Skills

by Kristyn Back

Sunny Lee is a SCAD graduate and graphic design whiz who recently built a portfolio website inspired by everyone’s favorite frozen treat, King of Pops. When Lee’s not creating icons, she’s building up her expertise in web development. She’s looking to unleash her talent at a design studio or with freelance gigs.  So reach for Sunny Lee before she slips away.

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What program did you just complete?
Introduction to Website Design & Creation at Tech Talent South.

What did you build during your time in the course?
We had a lot of freedom about what we could build in class.

My specialty in graphic design is making icons. I definitely wanted to use this approach to making my portfolio website at TTS. I challenged myself to create an animation for my portfolio. I also tried to go beyond what I learned in class: using javascript to scroll right in the navigation, hovering work page, etc. At the same time, I was trying to be user-friendly (less clicking to check the website). I built my site to be one-page scrolling and responsive.

While I was working on my portfolio site, I created another about Popsicles, which is inspired by my favorite popsicle stand ‘King of Pops’. I wanted to create a website that is iconic and very colorful to target a younger audience. I designed several popsicle icons to use. During the class, we learned how to use Bootstrap and I applied that to the project. I explored Bootstrap Carousel and Bootstrap quite a bit.

What’s next on your list to learn?
I want to master HTML and CSS first. My next step would be to learn Javascript and JQuery. I plan to take a Javascript class at Tech Talent South in November. While trying to hone expertise in front-end developing, I also want to practice creating animations by using After Effects.

What’s your ideal internship/job?
Because I have a background in graphic design, I always think of the importance of the design aspect. Even though I want to start working as a web developer, I would still love to work at a job related to graphic design. A solid design studio will be a good job for me, as well, as I have experience working as a Art Director. Also, UX/ UI Design and a strict coding internship/ job would give the additional experience that I need.

Interested in startups?
I respect startup companies, even though they might not facilitate a complete system yet. Depending on the philosophy, I would be really interested in working with them. To help a company I respect, I would fulfill their needs and help create new ideas.

Post graduation plans?
During class, I started to reinterpret a friend’s site – ‘Brainfood Studio’. It is almost complete now and I would love to take on any other freelancing work. I’ve also been trying to come up with concepts for my own website and projects to practice coding. I create new brands, design logos, marketing materials, and websites to put in my portfolio.

When are you available to start?
I am currently working in a small, but well-established, design studio. Anytime within a two week period will be more than enough notice.

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