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Four Startup Rules about Team Dynamics

by Scott Henderson

Straight shooter and resident badass entrepreneur/hacker/human, John Saddington, defines his rules to building a successful startup. (Hint: Rule #1 is Be ‘Effin Badass). John is focused on his latest venture, Pressgram, which he launched through a successful Kickstarter campaign.

In this talk, he gives four Startup Rules and ties them to the metaphor of a chair. Learn what he means here:

A Little Bit More about John (in his words):

Generally I spend my time blogging like it’s going out of style (since 2001), building an incredible mobile product Pressgram (interviews by CBS AtlantaFox News, and Forbes recently), advising,mentoring, and coaching other startups and entrepreneurs, speaking at conferences about what I’m passionate about, and spending time with my amazing wife and two daughters (my most important startup!).

Want more?

You can find John on Twitter and read his blog.

The Slidedeck He Shared

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