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Former CEO of Spanx Joins Startup | Shapewear to Software

by Tricia Whitlock

 Laurie Ann Goldman has joined the Insightpool Board of Advisors. Goldman plans to assist the Insightpool senior team with strategy and consumer brand intelligence to carve out a new category with its technology.


  • She was the CEO of Spanx from 2002 until February of this year. Goldman grew the small Atlanta-based hosiery and undergarment company into a multimillion-dollar business.
  • Before Spanx, Goldman transformed the trademark protection program at Coca-Cola into a billion dollar lifestyle brand by licensing in categories from clothing to collectibles (including the Coca-Cola Polar Bear).
  • Her comment on the new board position: “The name of the game is to get true ROI on marketing dollars spent on social media. This has previously been a struggle for companies, but now Insightpool is helping some of the most innovative companies generate this value in a simple, effective way that scales quickly. The writing is on the wall for Insightpool’s success.”


  • Insightpool’s Social Predictor algorithms helps companies to predict how customers will act in the future.
  • They analyze 350 million people across 60 variables every 15 minutes, telling you who is most likely to engage with a product/service.
  • Led by CEO Devon Wijesinghe.
  • Recently raised $4 million in Series A funding. Find out how they did it.

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