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Emory Faculty Member Trades Academia for Industry

by Raven Davis

Emory’s OTT recently interviewed former professor, Harriet Robinson, about her recent departure from the university to become the Chief Science Officer at GeoVax, an Emory startup developing HIV vaccines based on her previous lab work.

We’ve listed some of our favorite excerpts from the interview below:

  • “At a certain point, the vaccine technology needed expertise that was not present at Emory, for example, manufacturing, formulation, and regulatory expertise.”
  • “The biggest difference is that in industry, one is part of a team that has set out to achieve a goal. If something doesn’t work, the team figures out how to make it work rather than just going on to some other project that is interesting at the moment.”
  • “The small biotech world is very different from the university.”
  • “Make sure you are really interested in working towards specific products and willing to give up the freedom (and resources) one has in the university to explore multiple different areas of research.”

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