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eCommerce Implementation Doesn’t Have to Be Complex!

by hypepotamus

I, like you, encounter what appears to be 100 new ecommerce systems every single week and each one seems to be doing X better than Y competitor which is why you should join this new Z system today (or so the pitch goes).

I’ve found that many systems are far too complex and complicated for many ecommerce needs. In fact, I think that most website owners and even startup entrepreneurs go overboard with their first implementation rather than keeping it incredibly simple and straightforward!

Consequently, I try to encourage many people to isolate their core needs in terms of ecommerce and help them simplify their financial system to a point that is at the absolute minimum for performance and execution. The result? A solution that’s simple to manage and even easier to get started with.

Take for example this service:


Gumroad is an incredibly-simple solution for those needing to sell something quickly. This could be a product, a service, or something in-between.

[Insert image here – http://d.john.do/PrGg]

The back-end administration is beautiful and you can start selling today with a simple payout system to Paypal.

[Insert image here – http://d.john.do/QAFY]

It’s hard to imagine it getting any more simple than this! With analytics for your dashboard for conversions and sales you could honestly be set up in just a few minutes (or less)!

This is just one solution of many that I’ve encountered that really get to the heart of simple ecommerce and digital selling. It should remind you that in a world of overly-complex solutions there are some that just let you do what you do best: Create great products and services that your customers want without having some bloated financial system get in your way!


[Photo credit: Whitlock/Hypepotamus]

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