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6 Tech Focused Creatives Are A Voice & Vanguard for Entrepreneurs

by Klaire Wesolowski

Digital Good Times is an online radio and media platform that exists to serve as “the voice and vanguard for creatives, artists, technology enthusiasts and consumers, developers, and entrepreneurs.” Using the power of the spoken word and collaboration, this group of tech focused creatives seek to open the door to real world solutions. We caught up with Jack Preston, art director of Digital Good Times (DGT), to learn more.

The DGT Team:

  • Small Eyez: Founder/Host
  • Jack Preston: Art Director
  • Adia Dightman: Digital Innovator
  • Tristan Khavari: Creative Director
  • DJ Acrojam: Lightworker
  • Lawrence Wayne: Vibrational Engineer

How does ATL weave into your story?
We are a beacon, bridge, and platform for a unique and rising diverse demographic of 20-30 something Millennials in Atlanta, who are tech enthusiasts & consumers who purchase, invest in, or own startup tech companies, or want to learn to create tech products and software. This demographic also happen to be enthusiasts, or active participants and creators within the music and arts community. Digital Good Times main foci is to engage, stimulate, and merge these communities together to facilitate change and innovation.

Check out their audio examples & portfolio:

In what ways does your show focus on startups?
Most episodes feature an interview with a company or representative. Startups are often the focus of our show.

How does a startup get in touch with you to be covered on the show?
If a startup would like to get in touch they can fill out our contact form.

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