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David Cummings on Corporate Culture

by Scott Solomon

During the early days of Hypepotamus, we were fortunate enough to host a special Fireside Chat interview with David Cummings shortly after his successful exit from Pardot. A large gathering came together at The Biltmore on a cold December evening to hear David tell the story of how he took his Pardot from an idea to a company worth over $95 million dollars.

At the time of the recording, we had a staff of one and didn’t feel we could share David’s story with the effort we believed it deserved. Fortunately, our friends at SUNO Media stepped forward as our video production partner to capture this conversation for posterity’s sake. Between their edits and the David Seeney’s post-production magic, it’s time for you to see the conversation for yourself.

Now, we have a full media team capable of telling this story and we are excited to release the hour-long exclusive sit-down conversation with David Cummings this Friday. All this week, we will be releasing several insightful highlight videos from the discussion and sharing other insights about David and his experiences as a tech entrepreneur. In the first of three sneak peeks, David describes the importance of developing a strong corporate culture.

Audio Transcript

Transcript services provided by TranscriptsHQ, a proud Atlanta startup (and now a David Cummings-invested company).

David Cummings: For me, the importance of corporate culture really was solidified with Hannon Hill. So you can imagine, not knowing anything, not knowing any better, just building a company and learning on the fly – didn’t have a board of directors – I didn’t do a good job of reaching out to others that had been there before, and so making tons and tons and tons of mistakes. And one of the really, really the most important lesson learned was that corporate culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that’s within the control of the founders. You can’t control the government, you can’t control the economy, you can’t control what your competitors do, but at the end of the day, you can control who you work with day in and day out. And so Hannon Hill was an amazing learning ground, whereby I could figure out personally that corporate culture really was an invaluable thing to focus on as a business.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next sneak peek. And mark your calendars for the Friday, July 19 release of the full interview.  

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