Atlanta Gains Another Marketing Tech Company With Infusionsoft — Here’s the Key Talent Its CEO Wants to See

Arizona-based Infusionsoft, a sales and marketing platform specifically for small businesses, has landed in the south to open up a new Atlanta office. They chose Atlanta to address the needs of their global client base (of which more than a third is located abroad) considering the accessibility of the world’s most-traveled international airport.

Infusionsoft aims to help small business owners succeed by offering marketing and sales solutions that include a CRM platform, marketing automation, e-commerce, and payment solutions.

“Small business owners know they need marketing to grow their business but most are too busy to do it effectively. Our software makes it possible to create smart campaigns that initiate automatically, so you can get more done in less time,” says CEO Clate Mask. They currently have 125,000 users employing their platforms and software solutions.

Prior to his success, Mask inherited a struggling startup in 2002. He turned the company around, eventually leading it through raising four rounds of venture capital, including a $55 million Series D in 2014, and reaching a record $80M in revenue shortly after. With the expansion to Atlanta as well as San Francisco, Mask hopes to add 100+ jobs (and yes, they’re hiring now!) and continue expanding their products, including Infusionsoft Propel, a new mobile-based solution that provides an easy-to-use marketing platform for launching campaigns in minutes.

Here, Mask shares more about why Infusionsoft chose Atlanta for its new office, what kind of key talent they’re looking for, and how he motivates his team during times of change.

What makes Infusionsoft stand out in the marketing technology industry?

What makes Infusionsoft unique in its field is that it solely focuses on small business, providing an integrated sales and marketing software solution that combines CRM, marketing automation, e-commerce and payments into one system and also enables integration with other apps. We’re putting enterprise-level sophistication and performance into a platform specifically designed with small business owners in mind. We also provide education and partner programs to accelerate growth and help small businesses scale.

What are the main features within your platform, for those unfamiliar with Infusionsoft?

We are known first and foremost by our ability to resonate with small businesses. We’re probably best known for our CRM solution, but there are a lot of CRMs out there. Unfortunately, most are built with enterprises in mind. The needs of small businesses are much different than big business. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have sophisticated technology supporting their needs.

Small business owners wear many hats. In fact, we recently polled our customer base and over 45 percent of them are acting as both CMO and CEO. Our software allows for easy organization of contacts, with tagging and segmentation, as well as data collection and tracking to keep leads prioritized and customized. Additionally, our platform minimizes workload with marketing and sales automation features. Small business owners only have so many hours in the day, so we automate things like online sales and payments,  and analytics reporting. We also are proud to offer a full suite of integrations that work with a business’ existing technology (like Quickbooks for example) to keep things running smoothly.

Why did you choose Atlanta to open an office?

One of the main reasons for choosing as east coast city was to take advantage of the time zone for international and eastern U.S. customers. Atlanta was a natural choice for many reasons. Our Chief Revenue Officer, Keith Reed, lives in Atlanta so we have some familiarity with the city. We’ve got some contacts established in the area so we’re able to open quickly.

This city has an incredible burgeoning tech scene and with several notable companies that operate in a similar space located here. We see that as a plus for acquiring  talent that understands the industry and can bring experience and knowledge to the table. Atlanta also offers a great quality of life, with fantastic weather, incredible culture and the benefits of “big city” living while also being affordable. We’re really excited to have a presence in this city!

How do you hope Atlanta helps Infusionsoft grow as you expand your team here?

Our goals across the board are always to grow the customer base and continue to drive success for our existing customers. We hope that by providing more opportunities to connect with our customers through our expansion into Atlanta, we can improve their experience and the experiences of their customers, thereby growing their businesses as well.

What kind of key talent are you looking for at Infusionsoft Atlanta?

Right now, we’re looking for a strong sales staff — those with background in CRM or SaaS are a plus. Our company culture is an important aspect of our success and we look for team members with high standards, who exhibit grit, humility and the mindset to be comfortable a fast-paced, growth-centered environment.

As CEO, how do you motivate your team through times of expansion and change?

I emphasize positive momentum, no matter how big or small. One of the best ways we do this is highlighting customer success stories. It is meaningful for employees to see how their work makes a difference in the lives of small businesses and they walk away reenergized and with a renewed desire to be part of the company’s success.

Our Core Values, along with our Purpose and Mission, make up the foundation of the company. We make it a point to manifest our core values in the daily walk and talk of people in the organization. Our Core Values are: We genuinely care, we own it, we learn always, we build trust, we check ego, we dream big and we win together.