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Chris Markel | Available Web Dev With Hustle

by Klaire Wesolowski

Looking for some local talent for your startup team? Check out this newly trained developer who just completed General Assembly‘s web development course.

Chris Markel has already built an online marketplace, feels confident with Ruby on Rails and JavaScript, and is extremely passionate about startups. Check out his profile below and keep him in mind when you’re in need of some tech talent.


What projects have you worked on during the course?
Two classmates and I built Crave – an ultra flash sales web app that gives users only 20 seconds to make a purchasing decision. I am proud that Crave leverages many technologies and was accomplished in just a week. We utilized jQuery to apply a 20 second timer and a drag and drop functionality to enhance UX. We also implemented an interactive D3.js visualization of previous purchases for users to discover the most popular products.

What are your best technical and/or creative skills?
My top skills are Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. I also have experience in AngularJS, jQuery, PostgreSQL, APIs, and Bootstrap. On the creative front, I love coming up with innovative solutions to problems and leveraging my business/strategy experience to understand the big picture.

What’s next on your list to learn?
I’m excited to dive deeper into AngularJS so that I can create seamless experiences for users on the front-end.

What’s your ideal internship/job?
My ideal opportunity is a role where I can immediately add value by leveraging my skills as a full-stack web developer. I am interested in learning new technologies while also diving deeper into technologies I’ve already learned.

Interested in startups?
Absolutely! Startups and entrepreneurial endeavors are my passion. I enjoy reading about startups (favorite book: The Lean Startup), and I’m currently taking a Stanford class online about startups.

Post graduation plans?
To work for a technology startup / small company.

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