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Blue Chippers: Victoria Tao, Emory University

by Michael Flanigan

Blue Chippers, a new content series focusing on students who have caught our attention.

As we continue Hypepotamus Week, we get brag on Victoria Tao from Emory University, who came to through the Goizueta Business School’s Servant Leadership Summer internship program. Fashionista, coding royalty, and a problem solver, Victoria made our lives so much easier by turning our whiteboard ideas into website magic.  You can thank her for the interactive maps, Startup Q&A, Job Board, and many more improvements to the website.

What’s your first and last name?
Victoria Tao.

What school do you go to?
Emory University.

What’s your primary startup role?

What do you do for Hypepotamus?
Anything web design related, technology related, and a lot of programming.

If you could have any mentor in the world, who would it be and why?
Jesse Livermore. He’s a stock operator and survived a bunch of stock market crashes. He started from nothing became a billionaire then had nothing again. It’s pretty amazing to see how he’s lived through the different turbulences of his life.

What 3 websites do you visit daily?
Netwipe, my RSS Feeder, and my Email Client.

What’s missing from your college experience?
More networking opportunities.

What was your favorite cartoon growing up?
Sailor Moon.

What are your 3 favorite mobile apps?
Lime, Tumblr, and Twitter.

To thank Victoria, we’ve created this infographic summarizing her answers. Enjoy.



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