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Blue Chippers: Christine Hang, Georgia Tech

by Scott Solomon

Here’s the next installment of Blue Chippers, a new content series focusing on students who have caught our attention.

From Toonami to cardiac implants, Christine Hang is an entrepreneur with a plan to make the world a little healthier. As a biomedical engineer she was only able to take one business class while at Georgia Tech. So, that’s where the Summer Startup Academy comes to the rescue. Since Christine is looking to start her own company, it’s vital to her that she understands the business-side of things. Below is a some awesomeness (patent pending) Christine has created as well as a quick Q&A.



What’s your primary role within the startup world?
Business Lead.

Who are you working with this summer?
This summer, I’m working with 3DM Systems. It’s an air scanning company. At the same time, I’m working on making my own business it’s called Flow Medical, a cardiac implant device company.

If you can have any mentor in the world, who would that person be and why?
You know, I just read a book by Sheryl Sanberg called “Lean In”. That would be really great to meet her and have her mentor me.

What three websites do you visit regularly?
Quora, Twitter, Medscape.

Why those sites?
They’re just chockfull of information. Query you can ask questions or find answers to anything. That’s great. Twitter it just has a whole bunch of answers. And Medscape it’s chockfull of medical device needs.

What’s the one thing missing from your college experience?
Learning about startups. I didn’t know about the startup world until basically I was a senior in college. So, I wouldn’t say it’s too late, at least I learned about it a little bit in college, but it would have been better to learn about it before hand.

Growing up, what was your favorite TV show?
Anything on Toonami. [Laughs]

Three favorite apps that you use?
I don’t have a smartphone, so I don’t really use apps. [Laughs]

What’s the biggest thing you’ve gotten out of Summer Startup Academy so far?
I really like the group sessions. I’m in the business lead group. I get to hear perspectives from my peers as well as from people who have already done the business.

To thank Christine for her time, we’ve created this infographic summarizing her answers. Enjoy.



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