Available Talent | Graphic Designer, Front End Engineer & Fly Fishin’ App Builder

In need of some awesome, local talent for your startup team? Richard Daniel just finished the Iron Yard’s Front End Engineering course. He can code, has a background in graphic design, and is interested in working with a startup. Learn more about his skills below, and keep him in mind when you’re looking for tech talent.


What program did you just complete?
The Iron Yard ATL’s Front End Engineering Course

What past tech projects have you worked on?
My most recent JavaScript adventure is Flycast, a web app for fly fisherman that aggregates data from USGS sensor’s in rivers and streams, matches that data with instances of fish caught (a post by a user), and organizes this information in a way that makes it easy for fishermen to filter and analyze the conditions necessary for a successful fly fishing trip on that particular river or stream. Users can create posts by simply taking a picture of a caught fish on their phones, review their catch history (and that of other users), and view the catch history and current conditions of a specific body of water. As the sole contributor to this project, I play the role of developer, designer and chief sandwich consumer.

What are your best technical or creative skills?
Coming from a background in graphic design, I’ve got a knack for creating functional, sensible and attractive user interfaces. However, I’d say that my greatest strength (creative or technical) would be in problem solving. I enjoy recognizing an issue, visualizing what success would look like, and finding a way to make it happen.

What’s next on your list to learn?
Wake-initiated lucid dreaming. Then Ruby on Rails. I’d love to have full control of the backend of my applications (and mental state).

What’s your ideal internship/job?
I want to work somewhere that has enough talent and experience on staff to foster my continued growth as a developer, but that’s not so big that I can’t eventually change the way they do things for the better. I’d love to work with people who are focused on trying to find the limits of what technology can do for humans.

Interested in startups? 
Startups are rad.

Post graduation plans?
I’m going to find a group of people that I admire, then nag them incessantly until they agree to an exchange of money for services on a long-term basis.

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