ATL Attracts Talent To Help Organize | Melissa Lockley

Atlanta is THE hot spot for young professionals, which is why Melissa Lockley jumped at the chance to relocate here to become the community manager for Tech Talent South. Her new gig positions her as the go-to-girl when it comes to organizing any kind of Tech Talent South event, workshop or class. You need to get to know this new kid on the block.

We caught up with the self admitted Canada lover to learn more about her transfer to ATL.

What’s your current role?
I am the Atlanta Community Organizer for Tech Talent South, a tech-ed startup focused on getting passionate, motivated people learning to code and prepped for doing something BIG!

What was your previous role?
Before on-boarding with TTS, I was an Account Executive at a marketing agency in Charlotte, NC. I dealt primarily with print advertising and strategy for a large, international retail client.

New to ATL, eh? What do you plan to explore first?
Yes! New to “Hot-lanta” and couldn’t be more pumped. It’s not official, so I’ll need some convincing to stay long-term! Every time I hop in the car, I pass 15 different restaurants, breweries, and cafes I want to try! Please, please, PLEASE forward any suggestions my way. I’ve hit up the Georgia Aquarium and Braves games in the past, but I want to know what the locals do. I’m on the lookout for local markets, boutiques, music and arts venues… ANYTHING really!

What is the most exciting part of your new position?
BY FAR, the people are the most amazing. Whether they’re from Atlanta originally or a recent transplant, everyone I meet has these crazy stories of what brought them and keeps them in ATL. I love hearing about what people do, what makes them tick, and where they want to go in life. Our students are no exception! Simply put, I want to get to know everyone! (I guess the puppy dogs running around our location in Strongbox West are a plus, too.)

What tech/tools are essential to you?
Oh gosh, putting me on the spot, huh? Let me break it down for y’all.

Tech: My iPhone 6 (someone may have to bury me with it), Macbook Pro, a solid bunch of playlists, and my most used apps.
Apps: Twitter, Wunderlist, Drive, Asana, Waze, Slack and Target’s Cartwheel App
Currently Listening to: Billy Joel, Ellie Goulding, Jay Z, and Taylor Swift
Group Texts: I have a love/hate relationship with these but they seem more and more essential to my lifestyle every day!
Products: My PAPER planner (Yes, I still have one of them!), my obnoxiously large tote bag for my obnoxiously large computer, a great water bottle (I just bought a citrus infuser water bottle), ultra fine Sharpies, and a hair tie.

Are you interested in startups?
Yes! No brainer. That’s a huge benefit of our environment at TTS, I get to bring startup founders in for guest workshops and I work all around them every day. I’d love to someday join their ranks with my own idea!