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This Technical Recruiter Levels Up Her Skills As A Programmer

by Muriel Vega

After building her career in software sales and technical recruiting, Andreea Uta decided to check out a different area of the tech industry — programming. Her curiosity paid off, as the now-graduate of Digital Crafts Full-Stack Immersive course has a solid knowledge base of Javascript, Python, and Computer Science. React is next on her list to learn and she hopes to continue attending meetups to continue learning from more experienced developers.

Uta is now ready to be part of a team at a small-to-medium size company and put her many skills, from graphic design to Javascript, into play. Here’s more about her.

Why did you decided to start coding?

I tried teaching myself how to code by trying out online coding classes, but didn’t feel like I was progressing as fast as I wanted to. I found it was very difficult to really engage myself at night after working all day. So I decided to quit my job and take on a full-time coding bootcamp at DigitalCrafts. DigitalCrafts was the only bootcamp in Atlanta at the time that offered a 16-week course.

What was your work experience before aspiring to become a web developer?

I worked in software sales for a few years. I really enjoyed helping clients troubleshoot and training them on how to use the software. Then I moved into technical recruiting. I spoke with many developers, and learned a lot about the industry and technologies. The combination of wanting to learn a skill set that was highly sought after and my love for graphic design sparked my interest to start learning Javascript.

What technology and tools are essential to you as a developer?

Google has been the most essential tool for me. Whenever I get stuck on a problem I simply just google and research tutorials. Stack Overflow is also a great resource. There are so many senior developers on there that are willing to take the time to answer questions in depth.

How do you stay informed & on top of emerging trends?

Meetups are great for keeping up with best practices, and meeting more experienced developers. I watch videos of presentations from web development conferences. I also read technology blogs and articles written by well-known developers.

After DigitalCrafts, what’s next on your list to learn?

I want to dive deeper with React, and learn complementary tools to use with React. I would also like to start learning React native.

Are you interested in working for a startup, agency, mid-sized company, or a corporate giant?

I would prefer to work for a small or mid-sized company. I think working for a smaller company will help me gain more experience working across multiple departments.

Interested in checking out Andreea’s credentials? Check out her website, Github, and LinkedIn.

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