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Adventure-Seeker Sparks New Social Enterprise in Athens

by Klaire Wesolowski

UGA student and avid adventure-seeker, Marshall Mosher, is one of 80 students from around the world chosen to work in Singularity University‘s accelerator program in the Valley this summer. While he has a passion for outdoor adventures, he’s also technically talented and is making waves in the startup world. We caught up with him between kayak trips and running Vestigo (a platform where outdoor enthusiasts can share their passion for adventure through hosting participants on any type of outdoor experience). This kid is going places… even though he’s already traveled the world. Check him out:

What’s your current role?
My current roll at Vestigo is to spread our mission and vision as the Co-founder and CEO to the outdoor community and inspire qualified locals to share their love for outdoor recreation through hosting their own local outdoor adventures. I’m also our representative at a top startup accelerator in Silicon Valley this summer called Singularity University.

What startup/tech projects have you worked on?
I’ve been very involved with student involvement at UGA through Georgia’s top honor societies such as Blue Key, ODK, and the Arch Society along with serving as the Student Body Vice President but Vestigo is my first startup/tech project. My cofounder Daniel McBrayer has been a part of 4 startups here in Athens, selected as the 4Athens Entrepreneur of the year, and was featured on Hypepotamus.

What tech/tools are essential to you?
Like most of us, my iPhone is essentially an extension of my body, my essential tool for the day, keeping me constantly connected to my work and obligations. But a close second is my kayak and mountain bike, as staying connected to the world and our personal wellbeing is just as important to me as staying connected to the internet.

How do you stay informed & on top of emerging trends?
When it comes to new technologies, Singularity University is in my opinion the best place in the world to gain a holistic exposure to how emerging technology will change the world. I follow the open Singularity News publication but have gained an incredible inside exposure to this through my time as an SU student this summer. I also stay updated on tech crunch along with various blogs.

Interested in working for a startup, mid-sized company, or a corporate giant post graduation?
I just graduated from my MPA program in May and will be working with the startup community on Vestigo at Four Athens.

How hard was it to keep up with school and this application/business opportunity?
Running a company comes with a unbelievably large set of responsibilities and a to-do list that only grows bigger. The beautiful thing is that time management has no such thing as perfection. Even the most successful leaders are still students of balance. While the job of leading a company is new to me, the skills I’ve learned in time management through my student leadership experiences in SGA, the Arch Society, Dawg Camp, Outdoor Rec, Greek Life, etc. have all formed the foundations I’ve built upon today.

How is your business different from others whose mission is to promote outdoor experiences?
Our mission is exactly the same as every other outdoor company, and that’s the beautiful thing. We all work in this space because we believe in the power of the outdoors to change a life. The only difference in Vestigo is the scale in which we hope to spread that mission. Think of it this way: a single taxi company could never hope to change the world. But Uber has. Our model works the same way.

Will UGA students get a discount at Vestigo?
Everyone who uses Vestigo gets a discount! While we’re still too new to handle promotional campaigns, we hope to offer free promotional trips to those who truly cannot afford them very soon as a integral part of our mission to get the world outdoors as well as donating a percentage of our profits towards environmental restoration efforts.

Does Vestigo already have a location in Athens?
The functionality of Vestigo is all through the website, a key reason why our trips can be so much cheaper than anything at a traditional outdoor outfitter. We do have an administrative office downtown the FourAthens tech incubator, where we have the privilege of learning from other incredible Athens startups like Vitamin C & Axon Tutors.

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