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A Woman at the Frontier

by Tricia Whitlock

How do you lead your business and become a magnet to attract the team you desire? Let’s ask the gal who started Women@TheFrontier (@WomenAtFrontier) and was the founding architect of Singularity University.

Susan Fonseca (@Susan_Fonseca) shares her insights on how to find opportunity, build in a way that fosters sustainability, and lead with the convictions necessary for success. A proud University of Georgia alum, Susan returned to Atlanta recently from Silicon Valley and has decided to build her new venture here.


As the founding architect of Singularity University and the founder of Woman@TheFrontier, Susan Fonseca has been forging new frontiers in the startup space.  Within her work at Singularity she was able to garner $1.5 million in seed funding and also build a five-year partnership with NASA. In addition, Susan has used her bilingual skills and experience as an anthropologist and lawyer to negotiate the successful passage of the Central American Free Trade Agreement. She is a woman on a mission.

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