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7 Takeaways from Candace Mitchell, CEO and Co-Founder of Techturized

by Scott Solomon

Candace Mitchell (@loveCandyV) has come a long way over the last year. The June 4 Startup Day ATL marked the one year anniversary of the first day at Flashpoint for herself and her 3 co-founders. Techturized (@Techturized) has since graduated and grown, sparking national attention and praise. The startup was recently awarded $50,000 after winning the Technology Association of Georgia’s (TAG) Business Launch competition. Last Friday, the Techturized team moved from Hypepotamus into their new office space at the Advance Technology Development Center (ATDC). So, as tribute to Techturized’s recent succes we wanted to take a moment to highlight Candace’s recent discussion on leadership at the June 4 Startup Day ATL.

Here are my 7 biggest takeaways from Candace’s conversation.

  1. The most important aspect to balancing leadership is ensuring that each individual aligns with the company’s vision.
  2. Cooperative leadership is a lot like a puzzle. Leaders must know their own strengths and the strengths of others in order to place them in the space that fits them best.
  3. If possible, each founder needs to bring a different type of expertise to the table.
  4. Startups mean sacrifice. Ask yourself, would you quit your job to pursue you idea? (Candace did)
  5. On bringing in new people…1) Create a company culture 2) Make sure new employees feel welcome, and make sure they understand your company’s vision 3) Are they adaptable to change? Make sure that new employees understand that the company will pivot constantly.
  6. On women and minority entrepreneurs…Diversity of thought is the biggest difference. Investors with different backgrounds bring different perspective to the table. It’s important to understand that people from different cultures – or even markets – have a thought process that will be different from yours.
  7. Do you believe in your idea 200%?

To view the video of Candace Mitchell discussing Leadership in Startups follow the link here or view it below:


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