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Insights from John Avery, Nick Park, Susan Fonseca & Kyle Porter

by Scott Solomon

Session 4 of the Summer Startup Academy has come and gone – but not without some great insight and conversation. The event was highlighted by John Avery of Panasonic Innovation Center, Nick Park (@mapnick), Susan Fonseca (@Susan_Fonseca) Singularity University and Women@TheFrontier, and Kyle Porter (@kyleporter) Sales Loft. After a brief introduction was given by Stephen Fleming (@StephenFleming) speaking on behalf of the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) here in Atlanta the 4 speakers each gave one 15 minute presentation.

Hustler and Hack, two of the Four Startup Roles, were the main focus of the event with a dose of Hacker to boot.

John Avery, engineering group manager at Panasonic Innovation Center, has seen extensive experience in the technology arena and has worked with and some of the most advance technology on the planet. Here are his lessons on how he went from hacker to CTO:


Nick Park, director of product innovation at Auto Trader, offered his top 10 pieces of advice on how to be a team player and a leader at the same time. Biggest takeaway: Ditch the powerpoints and find the common ground with your potential buyer.


Susan Fonseca, Founder of Women@TheFrontier (@WomenAtFrontier) spoke on her experiences working with organizations such as NASA as she helped turn the concept of Singularity University into a reality in only a matter of months. Biggest takeaway: the best time to start is now.


Kyle Porter, founder and CEO at SalesLoft (@SalesLoft), discussed the rarely covered intricacies that are the lifeblood of any businesses. There is a rhythm to business management and as a leader it is your job to find and establish that rhythm.


We would like to send out a special thanks to all of the speakers that participated in session 4 of the Summer Startup Academy. If you would like to review the previous presentations you can do so here and here.

Be sure to join us for Session 5 on July 23, also known as Summer Startup Academy – Bonfire Edition.

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