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10 Tweets from a Photographer turned Entreprenuer

by Tricia Whitlock

Maria Joyner has a passion for growth hacking, problem solving, cutting edge technology, and the red sox.  After spending three years consulting for Atlanta technology startups in the social media space, she has joined Synapp.io as a full time growth hacker. Maria helped to plan this year’s Atlanta Maker Startup Weekend and currently serves on the board of directors of Atlanta Photography Group.

Name: Maria Joyner
Twitter Handle: @mariajoyner
Twitter Bio: A walking oxymoron. The fastest talking Southerner you’ll ever meet. Recovering photographer.  Growth Hacker @synappio
What to Expect: Constant updates, startups, sound advice

1) She attends the board meetings of our dreams

2) Appreciation of the tight knit startup ecosystem

3) A social media maven

4) Anyone that can deal with that many IKEA instructions is a saint

5) Giving advice any startup should live by

6) An advocate for women thriving in the startup world

7) Optimistic

8) The kind of friend you wish you had

9) Always learning something new

10) You just can’t help but like her

[Photo credit: Seagle/Hypepotamus]

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