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10 Tweets from a Corporate Culture Harmonizer

by Kelly Albano

Prem Bhatia is the co-founder of startup Cooleaf, a company that brings employees together to nurture an awesome corporate culture for their workplace. Before joining the startup world he spent over 15 years in the healthcare industry (focusing in on product management and business dev) and held managerial positions at McKesson Corp and American Express. Sure he has a wealth of experience and a hot new startup… but here’s something else he’s doing that will really knock your socks off! Prem is bringing the world’s largest business accelerator, the Founder Institute to Atlanta by serving as co-director. Three cheers!

Name: Prem Bhatia
Twitter Handle: @PremCBhatia
Twitter Bio: Co-Founder @cooleaf & @founding Director Atlanta · cooleaf.com
What to Expect: How to get involved, where to find him, start-up success and advice

1) Text it!

2) Learn more about Cooleaf!

3) He’s hiring!

4) Class is in session

5) Check this out entrepreneurs

6) Giving props where they are due

7) Truly thankful

8) Celebrating each victory

9) With the help of Cooleaf, you can do this too!

10) Preach.


[Photo Credit: angel.co]

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