5 Vacation Apps to Pack for Your Next Trip


The startup world doesn’t sleep. The hustle goes 24/7. Yet, even the most hardworking folks deserve a few days off by a sandy beach with a fruity drink in hand or a week exploring a country abroad without constant email contact. Days off are necessary for you to recharge, avoid burnout, and come back fully inspired.

Hypepotamus has put together a great lineup of local apps that will help you take your vacation to the next level — from finding cheap lodging at the destination of your choice to learning the local lingo. Time to pack up those bags, forget your phone, and take advantage of your unlimited vacation.


Communicate with ease when you’re abroad

TripLingo helps you immerse yourself in the local culture by showing you local oft-used phrases, slang and greetings — all through their easy-to-use app’s voice translator and phrasebook. The Atlanta-based startup also provides the traveler with a currency converter, local emergency information, medical phrases, and a built-in Wi-Fi dialer.



Find your dream short-term rental

Rented brings homeowners and property managers together under one roof. This startup takes the hassle out of the equation by facilitating relationships with property managers to those homeowners looking for a reliable person to take over their property.

So if you have a second home you’re tired of managing, Rented is ready to help you get that guaranteed income you deserve so you can spend it in even more vacations.



Stay safe while enjoying your vacation

SafelyStay’s commitment to safety is twofold — homeowners get to verify incoming guests and guests get the assurance that the homeowner has been background checked. Beyond your stay, insurance and secure payments are also offered for your peace of mind. Now, where should you go first?



Share your hotel room, save money

Headed to DragonCon* or your next conference and have no one to split the hotel room with? Roomedi can help you find a likeminded traveler to share the room with and save money in the process. Create a profile and find the perfect roommate — easy. You can also search by popular events on their site.



Enjoy multiple night hotels stay for cheap(er)

This new Techstars Atlanta startup comes all the way from Israel and with it, it brings some pretty sweet hospitality technology. Splitty uses your travel destination and dates to combine different reservations to find the cheapest hotel stays possible in hotels around the world. Their algorithm studies how hotels historically make reservations, so you can get the best deal and enjoy those leisurely days of vacation.


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