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The Copious Uprising of Coworking Spaces

by Kiki Roeder + Kristyn Back

Reporting by Kiki Roeder, Kristyn Back, and Matthew Thomas

Over the past six months, Hypepotamus has featured numerous newcomers to the coworking scene, ranging from the humble headquarters at The Hive to the chic city club model at The Gathering Spot. Yet, we have just grazed the surface. Eight have opened in a half-year, bringing Metro Atlanta’s total to an estimated 30-plus spaces. While it may seem like these hubs are rising faster than demand, the city may be on par with the 65 million Americans who are expected to be freelancers, temps, independent contractors, and/or entrepreneurs by 2020. That’s a whopping 40% of the estimated future workforce, in case you were curious.

With Atlanta’s acclaim as 1st for remote workers, 2nd for millennials, 9th for recent college graduates, and 5th for new job openings, you can bet your bottom dollar that digital nomads near and far will be making their way to Braves country. The driving force behind the working shift? Millennials, who not only make up the majority of the today’s workforce but prefer a shared space over the walled-up weariness of cubicles and offices.

Our compiled list of coworking spaces (below) are just a few among the many that will continue to crop up and expand throughout the city – like the nationally recognized WeWork, a two-minute walk away from Roam and the Atlanta Tech Village, which is opening in Buckhead this May. But like all life cycles, new beginnings for some mean the beginning of the end for others. DeskHub, located less than a mile from the aforementioned sites, unexpectedly closed its doors last week. While these coworking spaces will inevitably continue to rise and fall over the next several years, one thing is certain – collaborative coworking is cementing itself as the new way to work.

The Latest Spaces

Elevator Factory | Grant Park
From Daylight Dwelling to Sunset Savasana

“We attract people who share a love of clean lines and values around individual thought and personal development. We’ve made it a point to target grassroots organizations in the city doing good work whom we can highlight and bring to the surface. This has brought a really great layer of conversational content and diverse viewpoints through the space.” – Christopher Wood, Cofounder/Director of Time & Space

Best for: freelance and independent designers, developers and creative strategists

Roam | Buckhead
From Freelancers to Fortune 500’s

“We welcome well-rounded, successful men and women who set out to make their mark on Atlanta. We are part co-working space for professional service providers, nonprofit leaders, lawyers, accountants, and tech entrepreneurs, and a host for fortune 500’s seeking a spot for seminars, trainings, and off-site meetings.” – McCauley Williamson, Marketing Manager

Best for: business professionals across all sectors.

SharedSpace | Dunwoody
Creating Collaborate Habitation Outside the Perimeter

“We plan to create locations and alliances with other coworking spaces around the US for its members to have a place [to work] as they travel for business.” – Daniel Levison, Principal

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industrious_0030_1024gathering_spot_birdseye_view Alkaloid-ChilCreative-July2015 the-hive
Coworking Spaces in Metro Atlanta: 


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