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Startup Grad Class Talks Cash

by Tricia Whitlock

Tech Talent South’s Graduate Class is over halfway through its semester. Two projects are shaping up nicely & one is currently pivoting into something pretty nifty. Last week the discussion (led by Standard Code’s head hancho, TJ Muehleman) was centered on revenue. Take a sneak peak at the class notes below and plan to attend the classes’ Demo Night on April 2nd. Location/time/details will be on Hypepotamus’ calendar soon.

“Atlanta is more focused on ‘how do I build something useful’ vs ‘how do I build something cool” – TJ

Things to consider
-always be experimenting with price
-early adopter pricing works wonders – they are more wiling to give you feedback because they have skin in the game and also provides for client recommendations later on
-Mailchimp’s Ben Chestnut has written a killer post on the freemium model
-hiring – ideally a co-founder that’s a polar opposite of you & hire sales folks in twos because sales people are hunters and you can make them compete
-‘profitability is freedom’ -aim for profitability as soon as possible

Things not to do
-don’t focus on monetizing through ads – it’s super hard
-don’t hire a big sales force

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[Photo Credit: Whitlock/Hypepotamus]

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