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The Impact of Hypepotamus Media

by Scott Henderson

At the beginning of May, we unveiled a redesigned Hypepotamus.com to support the launch of our daily media operations. We promised you we would deliver compelling content showcasing you, the Atlanta tech startup community.

Thanks to a strong team of content creators, we have delivered fresh content daily all over the web through Hypepotamus.com, all kinds of social media channels, and our email newsletter.  So what did we achieve in terms of activity and impact?

Below is an infographic detailing a fire hose of data we assembled from the first 90-day media sprint (running May 1 – July 31). Here are just a couple notable highlights:

  • 168 articles published by 24 contributors attracting 13,854 unique visitors and 18,122 inbound links.
  • Twitter reach of 2,311,353 people through 2,122 followers and 2,108 mentions (including two celebrity RTs).
  • Our 58 videos generated 11,850 viewing minutes – the equivalent of watching all 10 seasons of Friends 2.3 times.

Did we whet your appetite? Dig in. There’s some juicy tidbits in there.



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