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B2B Marketing Startup Funnels Toward Terminus

by Muriel Vega

Terminus, a B2B account-based marketing startup, is bursting at the seams with great talent and increasing business. Terminus CEO Eric Spett is packing up the offices, moving his ATV graduating tassel from right to left and settling down in 23,684 square feet down the street at the Terminus 100 office tower in Buckhead.

“It’s amazing how quickly we’ve grown in the past 18 months since we launched our ABM Platform,” says Spett. “At the beginning of 2016 we had less than 20 “Terminators” and now have more than 60. The new space will allow us to focus on continuing to build our culture and give us plenty of room for growth in the coming years.”

The office upgrade will accommodate more than 200 “Terminator” employees, including new hires in software development, sales and customer support. Terminus currently leases 3,000 square feet at the Atlanta Tech Village where it is rapidly outgrowing its office space.

“We have an incredible community supporting us here in Atlanta. The Atlanta Tech Village and the people who work there have been so accommodating. I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Karen Houghton, Jewell, and the whole team,” says Spett.

Since launching their software in 2014, Terminus has grown more than $2 million in annual recurring revenue with over 200 customers in its roster. Last October, they locked down $1.8 million seed investment to further grow its team and this past March, Terminus raised a Series A $7.5 million in funding, including $5 million in equity financing and $2.5 million in venture debt.

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