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With BrightFunnel Acquisition, Terminus Powers Up Analytics to Follow the Marketing Life Cycle

by Muriel Vega

Terminus is kicking off 2018 in a big way as they announced their first acquisition, of B2B marketing analytics company BrightFunnel.

After raising a Series B round last summer, Terminus had very specific goals for those funds — product development, engineering, and opening a West Coast office. With this acquisition, BrightFunnel’s 40 employees will remain at their current outpost in San Francisco, adding their West Coast presence to the team.

CEO Eric Spett has now checked off all three of those goals as he said that this acquisition will accelerate their product vision by nearly 24 months, and that the company is beginning immediately to hire additional engineering talent.

“Six months ago, the Terminus team was in the midst of transforming the way we do account-based marketing,” says Spett.

“We restructured our sales and marketing processes to optimize for account conversion and started executing on every go-to-market effort as a unified revenue team. Of course, this required some new tech, and BrightFunnel was one of the key tools that drove our transformation.“

Terminus realized the need for an additional solution for its clients in mid-2017 to take them along the full lifecycle of marketing, from leads to tracking and analyzing revenue conversions.

“Implementing BrightFunnel was a game-changer for us because it helps us understand our target accounts’ journeys and close the loop on our ABM reporting. We knew right away that wanted to bring those same capabilities to our customers,” says Spett.

The BrightFunnel platform uses AI, multi-touch attribution, measurement, and revenue analytics to allow marketers to visualize the influence that all forms of online and offline activity have on revenue and nail down account-level reporting. These new features will help marketing teams get a full 360-degree view of the customer journey from first engagement to revenue.

“We’re looking forward to further developing a robust integration of the two platforms and enhance their ability to communicate with one another,” says Spett. “The goal is to ‘close the loop’ on account-based marketing and advertising for our customers through analytics and attribution.”

The combination of both platforms will help customers execute and measure go-to-market initiatives, regardless of whether they are account-based or a mix of ABM and inbound.

“Terminus and BrightFunnel are essential tools for efficiently growing a business,” said BightFunnel CEO Chris Mann in a statement. “These products should be at the foundation of every modern B2B marketing tech stack. I’m thrilled for our customers, who will have the best-in-class solution that both creates account engagement and delivers deep intelligence into contact activity, account activity, and which marketing programs drive revenue.”

With the new terminators on the West Coast, Spett shares that their commitment to a positive work culture will continue from coast to coast. Terminus was ranked as one of Atlanta’s Best Places to Work in both 2016 and 2017.

“Culturally, we couldn’t have found a more perfect fit,” says Spett. “Their team in San Francisco is just as passionate and mission-driven as we are. And as BrightFunnel users ourselves, we’ve seen how much value their technology — and just as importantly, their people — provide their customers.“

In 2017, the rapidly-growing startup reached more than 200 percent revenue growth and now has more than 500 customers and 150 employees, according to Spett.

“Our number one goal is to help our customers solve their biggest problems and make them ‘heroes’ in their organizations,” says Spett. “We’ll continue to scale the company, and we were fortunate to grow our revenue organically by more than 100 percent year-over-year. We look forward to continuing the same momentum in 2018.”

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