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Tech Talent South’s Demo Day Was A Hootenanny

by Tricia Whitlock

Everyone had a blast at the Tech Talent South Grad Program Demo Day (as evidenced by the photos). After we downed some liquid courage and loaded up on hors d’oeuvres the nascent startups strutted their stuff.

Over 8 weeks, three teams of three built a startup under the guidance of We&Co/StandardCode’s TJ Muehleman (who’s not only a killer developer, but also has the empathy and personality to teach)  & ScoutMob/Switchyards’ Michael Tavani.  The students are a mix of TTS teachers, professional developers and designers, recent grads, and a writer (that’s me in the flower pants). As someone who has interviewed countless builders and seen more pitches than Hank Aaron I’d be nuts not to sip the startup koolaid for myself. This evening class was my chance.

From checking ideashaper incessantly (the platform we used to vote up the best initial project ideas), until the last class when my teammates and I decided to make a last minute pivot and TJ offered to help us build it in time – the entire experience was a whirlwind.

After two months I’ve walked away with a deeper understanding of what makes startups grow (to be better at writing about them and building Hype) & a baby startup that I’m really freaking proud of. Hell I might even invest $12.99 in a domain and run with it.

Check out the slides and MVP links under the pictures and tweet @TechTalentSouth or email trish@hypepotamus if you have any project feedback or want to get in touch with the teams.










[Photo Credit: Branscomb & Whitlock]

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