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Make Sure ATL Is Included | 2015 Startup Ecosystem Report

by Carey Tucker

You’ve probably seen the 2012 Startup Genome Report, published by Compass (formerly Startup Genome). It provided global research on the strengths and weaknesses of startup ecosystems. and was cited by everyone from Barack Obama to German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. The explosive growth of high growth companies has led Compass to partner with CrunchBase to create the 2015 Startup Ecosystem Report.

In a recent interview with TechCrunch, Compass CEO, Bjoern Lasse Herrmann said, “There is almost nothing more important to the global economy. As the Industrial Economy falls away with increasing speed and half the world’s current jobs will be replaced by software, it becomes critical to build thoughtful programs to nurture the entrepreneurial renaissance that will take its place.” As every nations’ economic strength continues to rely more and more on innovation, reports like the 2015 Startup Ecosystem Report are essential. “Entrepreneurs need to benchmark their performance against their relevant peers around the world as competition will be increasingly global. And governments need to benchmark their ecosystems,” Herrmann said in a statement. “Many leaders are happy to see growth, but don’t realize they’re falling further and further behind their peers. Seeing the trends of winners and losers will be especially enlightening.”

Compass and CrunchBase are currently conducting a survey to gather data for their report. We strongly to encourage everyone in our ecosystem to participate in the survey and represent the ATL. Let’s put our city on the map as a global hotbed for new ventures and innovation.

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