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SuperNova South | A Stellar Conference Explosion

by Kristyn Back

SuperNova South just wrapped up its sixth conference, showcasing content-rich tracks from the brightest leaders throughout the region. Over 100 speakers hailing from big brands to startups and agencies hit the floor representing companies like AKTA and Yellow Pages.

Presenters covered intermediate and advanced content tracks on social media, fintech, cyber security, mobile, and more. The best part? It was a whopping $100, which is nothing compared to your typical four-day conference. After sitting in on sessions like “Power to the People,” “Digital Marketing in Craft Beer,” and “Influencer Marketing,” SuperNova South made sure attendees were also refreshed with great events that squashed the wear of information overload. Our favorite event goes to Sharpie Slam which was held on the roof of TechSquare Labs. Sharpie Slam uncapped Atlanta’s artists in a toe-to-toe matchup with proceeds benefitting the Art is King Artist Education Program.

DSC_0042   DSC_0053


We hope you left with noggins full of knowledge, bellies full of laughter (and craft beer), and hands full of business cards. Still having post-event blues? Wipe those tears and fret no more, SuperNova 2016 is already gearing up for another content-rich year. In the meantime, be sure to check out the Hypepotamus calendar for enticing events slated to occur this fall.

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