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Start ‘Er Up – Maker/Hacker Startup Weekend in 48 Photos

by Tricia Whitlock

52 hackers and makers spent April 10th-12th at the first ever joint Hacker & Maker StartupWeekend hosted by ATDC at Georgia Tech. 15 teams were created and the projects that came out on top were:

1st Place – SpotlightCar.com
A marketplace that brings together car dealers and car buyers with pre-negotiated prices of overstock inventory. Participated in ATDC Customer Discovery Class, and looking for a developer.
2nd Place – In D Loop
Crowdsourced in-app customer support for mobile applications
3rd Place – Smart Shopping Cart
A smart shopping cart that follows you around the grocery store then automatically returns to its home base when you are finished with it.
shopping cart

Check out all the fun you missed

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[Photo Credit: Maria Joyner]

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