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Southern Fried Supernova: An Introduction

by Scott Henderson

The Five-Year Vision

Southern Fried Supernova will be Atlanta’s global signature event, featuring the best of the arts, technology, and startups.

This vision shouldn’t surprise anyone. We’re just building on Atlanta‘s long history of being bold. Just to name a few accomplishments, the people of Atlanta have:

  • put a refreshing beverage within arm’s reach of desire around the world
  • built the world’s busiest airport
  • created a TV superstation and international news operation
  • hosted the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games



Year One: A Tad More Modest

When you consider our history and five-year vision, Year One is quite humble. Our objectives are two-fold: Connect the Awesomeness and Galvanize a Commitment for the Future.

1. Connect the Awesomeness
Atlanta is filled with world-class people doing world-class things. Southern Fried Supernova (SFS) will serve as a collaborative marketing initiative for all the events and festivals bringing the arts, tech, and startups communities together from late September to early November in Atlanta. Here’s the current known roster of events and festivals already slated for then:

Sept 20: TEDxCity2.0 Atlanta
Sept 20-21: Music Midtown
Sept 22-23: (co)lab Summit
Sept 28: SpaceUP Atlanta
Oct 1-31: Atlanta Celebrates Photography
Oct 1: Mobility Live
Oct 2-6: A3C Hip Hop Festival
Oct 3: MITEF: CIOs/CTOs Look into the Future
Oct 3-5: BlogaliciousFIVE
Oct 3-6: SIEGE 2013
Oct 4: Web Afternoon
Oct 5: FLUX Night
Oct 5-6: Hack for CF
Oct 7-11: Digital Atlanta
Oct 11-13: Georgia Latino Film Festival
Oct 12-13: Atlanta Pride Festival
Oct 17-18: Core Reaction
Oct 18-19: The Creatives Project Annual Exhibition
Oct 22-23: Venture Atlanta
Oct 25-27: Taste of Atlanta
Oct 25-27: Southern Creative Summit
Oct 26-27: Atlanta Mini-Maker Faire
Nov 8: TEDxPeachtree

Promoting Connected Awesomeness
The Southern Fried Supernova website will be mobile-centric and serve as the connective tissue, helping to cross-promote all partner events. In turn, partner events will encourage attendees to use the #SFS hashtag on social media to help create a real-time mosaic of photos, text, and videos with the help of Turner Broadcasting. Southern Fried Supernova organizers will create a library of promotional creative assets for online/traditional media and maintain active email/social media operations for the duration of Southern Fried Supernova 2013.

2. Galvanize a Commitment to the Future
One reason Atlanta doesn’t have a clear, distinct brand is because those of us living here don’t have a clear, shared perspective of who we are and where we are going. In Year One, we seek to galvanize a commitment to Atlanta’s future through a tandem of events.

The September 20 TEDxCity2.0 and October 17-18 Core Reaction will serve as bookends to a community-wide initiative to develop solutions to a single question:

How would you like to see Atlanta thrive, play, and grow in the next five years?


From Idea to Action
The Oct 17-18 Core Reaction will gather 100 selected participants who will come from an open call for talent launching August and pulling from various facets of Atlanta’s innovation community. Each selected participant will apply to attend and be selected on his/her demonstrated ability to turn ideas into collaborative action. The selection process will be open and transparent with everyone able to submit their ideas/input directly through the ideastorm.

The 100 will have the choice to attend the Sept 20 TEDxCity2.0 Atlanta event or review the video assets recorded there. All the selected participants will also be encouraged to attend and/or participate in the (co)lab Summit, hosted by Leadership Atlanta, to help them generate challenge statements based on three main themes: attracting/recruiting talent, sparking collaboration, and improving education. Participants can choose to attend the in-person event or participate in the virtual brainstorm powered by IdeaString.  All ideas and concepts created will be available for further development at the Core Reaction.

At the Oct 17-18 Core Reaction, participants will form Action Teams to develop actionable initiatives drawing from the strengths of the individuals and organizations participating. These Action Teams can choose to leverage partner organization resource commitments made at the Sept 20 TEDxCity2.0 Atlanta event and/or seek new resource commitments for implementation of ideas.

Core Resolution: 90-Day Progress Review
We will reconvene the 100 participants and partner organizations in January 2014 for Core Resolution, a 90-day progress review of the initiatives that emerge from the Core Reaction.


Year Two: Raising Our Game

Going into 2014, we will build on our success and learnings of Year One to push ourselves closer to the Five-Year Vision. In Year Two, we’ll have two new objectives to accomplish: Take the Show on the Road and Make It Worthy of the 150th.

1. Take the Show on the Road
We will identify 3 major innovation events and festivals around the world in 2014 to showcase the Southern Fried Supernova and promote Year Two. SXSW in Austin, TX, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and a third event TBD will be where we host memorable showcases bringing together Atlanta-based attendees and sharing the strengths of our city with the rest of the world.

2. Make It Worthy of the 150th
The year 2014 is the Battle of Atlanta’s 150th anniversary and the city’s subsequent rise from its ashes. Year Two will be a worthy celebration of this epic death & rebirth, which gave Atlanta its phoenix DNA.


Year One: Sponsorship Opportunities

Hypepotamus seeks partners committed to this Five-Year Vision and prepared to help in Year One at these levels:

SFS Premiere Sponsors (1 of 2 remain): $35,000
Recognized on all media as “presented by X and Y”

Core Experience Presenting Sponsors (3): $15,000
Townhall stage  |  Knowledge bar  |  Oct 17 PM party

Core Experience Meal Sponsors (5): $5,000
Thursday breakfast, lunch, & dinner  |  Friday breakfast & lunch

Joining now will ensure your organization has first choice of the subsequent year’s sponsorship opportunities.


Year One: In-Kind Partner Opportunities

Hypepotamus seeks partners committed to this Five-Year Vision and prepared to help in Year One with:

Creative Partners
Visual Identify (secured)  |  Website Design Video Marketing
Event Photography  |   Event Videography   |  Core Experience Facilitators

Venue Partners
Core Experience Venue (secured)  |  Oct 17 PM party

Equipment Partners
Core Experience Furniture, Electronic Equipment, & Wi-Fi


Let’s Collaborate

Interested in becoming a Southern Friend Supernova sponsor or in-kind partner? You can contact Scott Henderson, executive director of Hypepotamus, via email or ring him at 404.725.4441.



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